Zodiac Signs

1_Aquarius_Zodiac_Sign_TattooAquarius Zodiac tattoos

The zodiac sign Aquarius symbolizes the Water Bearer. People under this sign are good mix of emotions, love, intelligence and warmth. They are great thinkers, hard-working and have leadership qualities. Tattoos of one’s zodiac sign is a very popular trend among the youth…  Continue Reading > 





1_Aries_Zodiac_Sign_Tattoo_DesignsAries Zodiac tattoos

People under the sign of Aries like to dominate. They need to be in control and feel the need to pay more attention to their own needs rather than the needs of others sometimes. They are also the leader of the group. This sign represents the image of the Ram…  Continue Reading > 





04_Cancer_Zodiac_Symbol_TattooCancer Zodiac tattoos

The Western astrological sign Cancer of the tropical zodiac (June 21 — July 22) differs from the astronomical constellation of Cancer and the Hindu astrological sign of the sidereal zodiac (July 21 — August 9)…  Continue Reading >  


2_Capricorn_Zodiac_Symbol_Tattoo_DesignCapricorn Zodiac tattoos

Capricorn is the tenth of the twelve signs of Zodiac. Corresponding to the constellation Capricorn us, it is depicted as a goat. Frequently, the goat’s lower body is portrayed like that of a mermaid. Although specifying a definite meaning will be difficult, tattoos with the Capricorn usually denote positive and an industrious nature. A Capricorn rarely takes the easy path…  Continue Reading >




01-Aquarius-Constellation-Tattoo20 Constellation tattoos

If you are on the lookout and feeling the itch to get a new tattoo soon, here is another idea from us;constellation tattoos. This enchanting minimalist pattern suits every part of body and it is open for creative varieties. You can customize it by getting inked your own zodiac constellation or design a totally unique pattern by connecting your moles…  Continue Reading >



01_Gemini _Zodiac_Tattoo_ImagesGemini Zodiac tattoos

The Gemini tattoo has been certified as some of the most popular astrological tattoos. They fall in the third number among the twelve zodiac signs. Gemini is dominated by the planet Mercury and its symbolic representation is a pair of twins. The sign of Gemini has been associated with the Greek God Hermes along with two other twin Greek gods; Apollo and Artemis… Continue Reading >  




02_Leo_Zodiac_Sign_Tattoo_DesignLeo Zodiac tattoos

One popular Zodiac tattoo that you may find interest in is the Leo tattoo. The Leo tattoo portray the lion, which is the astrological symbol for Leo. Leo tattoos are worn by both men and women. Leo tattoo designs can be designed in a variety of different ways…  Continue Reading > 


01_Libra_Zodiac_Sign_TattooLibra Zodiac Tattoos

As an Air sign, Libra is associated with thought, perspective and communication. In combination with the other elements, air feels that water will obscure it, earth will suffocate it, but fire will inspire and uplift it…  Continue Reading >  



1_Pisces_Zodiac_Sign_TattooPisces Zodiac tattoos

Pisces, the twelfth and last zodiac sign is symbolized by a pair of Fish swimming head to tail in a circle. It exemplifies life after death or renascence. Pisces are known as creative and artistic souls with intuitive abilities…  Continue Reading >  




1_Sagittarius_Zodiac_Sign_TattooSagittarius Zodiac tattoos

As a Fire sign, Sagittarius is associated with action, passion, and energy. Those under its influence are said to be idealistic and adventurous, but often deficient in tact. As a Mutable sign, it is also associated with resourcefulness, holism and adaptability…  Continue Reading >  


02_Scorpio_Zodiac_Sign_Tattoo_Designs10 Scorpio Zodiac tattoos

For a tattoo that has a lot of attitude, history and lore, consider the myriad of scorpion tattoos available. The scorpion carries with it a storied history. You might be interested in  scorpion tattoo because Scorpio is your zodiac sign or because you enjoy the dark and foreboding sense that scorpions give…  Continue Reading >  




01­_Tattoo_Taurus_Zodiac10 Taurus Zodiac tattoos

As one of twelve Zodiac signs, Taurus becomes popular tattoo design idea just like any other Zodiac signs. A person who was born under Taurus, exhibits personality of cautious, practical and persistent…  Continue Reading >  





02_Tattoo_Virgo_ZodiacVirgo Zodiac tattoos

Virgo tattoos can be as subtle as a thumbnail-sized Virgo symbol at the nape of your neck or as ornate as a full-back piece depicting a maiden bearing the symbol on her shoulder and looking up at a night sky studded with the constellation’s stars…  Continue Reading >