Military and Marine

02_Anchor_Hand_Tattoo20+ Anchor tattoos

The anchor tattoo has stood the test of time and still remains a popular maritime symbol. A long time favorite among seamen, the anchor is one of the oldest tattoo symbols. The Marines and Navy are the two most common groups known to wear anchor tattoos…  Continue Reading > 





01_3d_Compass_Tattoo20+ Compass tattoos

The compass tattoo has been popular for centuries and popular among a majority of different cultures and beliefs. The compass tattoo comes in a variety of different designs, such as the star compass, nautical star, prismatic, and the rose compass to name a few…  Continue Reading > 




01_Black_and_White_Lighthouse_Tattoo20+ Lighthouse tattoos

Lighthouse tattoos come in a variety of different creative designs and are often portrayed with other maritime symbols. They’re worn by both men and women, and are a popular design especially in coastal areas…  Continue Reading > 






03_aztec_tattoo20+ Warrior tattoos

Warriors are popular tattoos which can be designed in an infinite number of forms.  A quick look on different websites for tattoos will give you a repertoire of factual and mythical warriors.  They are valued for the artistic part and the symbolism they offer…  Continue Reading >




06-pirate-ship-arm-tattoo30 Ship Tattoos

The most popular nautical design is the sailing ship. These tattoos can be designed to look realistic or as a cartoon; sometimes with just a few sails, and sometimes with many. Some are extremely detailed while others look very stylistic or abstract. Most include the water and waves, but some don’t. They can also have ropes, flags, anchors, bow figureheads, crows nests, or other details…   Continue Reading >