03_family_tree_sleeve_tattoo30 Family Tree tattoos

Family is one of the most prized possessions for all of us. It is a source of strength, love and hope. All of us learn the basics of social behavior in our family and therefore, it can be said that it is the principle school where we learn the lessons of life…  Continue Reading> 



08_Landscape_Sleeve_TattooLandscape tattoos

Nature tattoos come from old times when people wore different designs reminding of forests, mountains, animals and so on. When we look at Japanese tattoos we mainly see nature and designs connected with animals…  Continue Reading>




01_Autumn_Leaf_Tattoo20+ Leaf  tattoos

An innate symbol of beauty and nature a leaf can be a very personal tattoo. Traditionally a symbol of happiness leaves have a strong history within many artistic mediums…  Continue Reading>






13_Lightning_Tattoo20+ Lightning tattoos

Early men had many explanations for the sights and sounds of lightning and thunder, and most of the myths involved elaborate tales of Gods and Goddesses and incredible mythological creatures who used lightning as weapons…  Continue Reading>





02_celtic_moon_tattoo20+ Moon tattoos

In many ancient cultures (and some current ones) the sun represented energy of men and the moon represented feminine mystery. This is one reason that moon tattoos are sometimes combined with sun tattoos…  Continue Reading>




02_japanese_sun_tattoo_designsSun tattoos

The sun at general is our crucial source of life. But as a tattoo it may be very meaningful and meanings can differ personality wise. The sun has been a part of religious and symbolic consequence in many ancient cultures…  Continue Reading>





02-apple-tree-tattoo30 Tree tattoos

Trees have always been important to various cultures and have been a symbol of life making tree tattoos that much more popular. Tree are beautiful, majestic, wise, strong, and just all around amazing…  Continue Reading>





05_Japanese_Water_Tattoo20 Water tattoos

Water can be defined as mystery in flow. Water sustains life, and people also get drowned in water. Water subdues fire and water can be very destructive too like a tsunami. The conflict of various aspects is an essential nature of water…  Continue Reading>





02-japanese-waterfall-tattoo-designsWaterfall tattoos

A waterfall can make a powerfully symbolic and stunning tattoo for men and women. It can be designed in many remarkable styles. Water, one of the four basic elements, is essential because there would be no life without it…  Continue Reading>





02_blue_waves_tattoo40+ Waves tattoos

Formed by gravity and surface tension, water waves can be terrifying, fun, awe-inspiring, and even therapeutic. Whether you’re running out to sea, surfboard in tow, or just enjoying a romantic walk…  Continue Reading>