01-Best-Sleeve-TattooBest Sleeve tattoos

Tattoo sleeves are basically large tattoo or a collection of various random designs that cover a bigger part of the arm when placed together. Sleeve is a committing and serious style of tattoo that starts from the shoulder and runs down, showing out a centralized theme…  Continue Reading > 




01-color-full-sleeve-tattoo20 Color Sleeve tattoos

Color sleeve tattoos are very common nowadays for people who want their bodies covered with ink. However, these types of tattoos are much bigger compared to spine tattoos or tribal tattoo designs. So before you decide on having one, you have to be sure that you really want to because there’s no turning back…  Continue Reading >




01_half_sleeve_flower_tattoo_designs30+ Flower Sleeve tattoos

Flower tattoos are very popular in different kinds, sizes and colors. They make the tattoo look more attractive and pretty. If your tattoos are too plain, you can add up some beautiful flowers to make it look more awesome. Flowers are one of the most beautiful things the universe has created…  Continue Reading > 




01-forearm-sleeve-tattoo-designs-for-menSleeve tattoos for men

Sleeve tattoos for men are one of the most popular tattoo designs the world over, as they look both beautiful and prominent. Like the sleeve of a garment, they cover the area from the shoulder to the wrist, though some designs may be half sleeved or quarter sleeved…  Continue Reading > 




04-half-a-sleeve-tattoo-for-women20+ Sleeve tattoos for women

Sleeve tattoos have been very popular recently. Many men have gotten full, half and even quarter sleeve tattoo featuring flames, Japanese designs and other such designs. However, women are now also starting to get full sleeve tattoo designs…  Continue Reading > 





05_girl_half_sleeve_tattoo_designs27 Sleeve Girl tattoos

Before we look at any girly tattoo designs, let’s make sure you are getting one for the right reasons. The last thing anybody wants is to be the proud owner of a dumb tattoo. Images on the parlor’s wall are generic. Sure, some of them are pretty to look at and seem like a good idea at the time. But the problem is that picking a stock image won’t have any real meaning to you…  Continue Reading >




04-best-sleeve-tattoo-designs-for-menSleeve tattoo Ideas for men

If you are looking for a tattoo, you may want to consider some type of sleeve tattoo. Sleeve tattoos or tattoo sleeves usually consist of multiple tattoo symbols that have a similar theme. Most sleeve tattoo for men designs are tattooed on the arms, but the legs can be included…  Continue Reading > 

04-half-sleeve-tattoo-japanese60 Japanese sleeve tattoos

Sleeve Tattoos of Japanese style, aka Ramirez, Horizon, are unique and practiced by more and more people who love traditional Japanese cultures. Tattooed mark was used to be performed as punishment in ancient Japan, it has now evolved to a form of modern art as it is known today…  Continue Reading > 





07_Half_Sleeve_Tribal_Tattoo_Designs40+ Tribal sleeve tattoos

Tribal tattoo designs are very common among men and women. Almost all tribal tattoo designs are black in color. Only a few designs have other colors mixed with the traditional black color. After all, the color black is one of the trademark of a tribal design…  Continue Reading > 





02-outer-space-half-sleeve-tattooSpace sleeve tattoos

No surprise — beautiful mysterious things are of course coveted in tattoo designs, the earth is full of breath-taking outer space tattoos. Have you ever wished, as a child or even an adult, to be a cosmonaut? Have you ever watched the stars in the sky on a summer night and marveled at the wonders of universe? Or perhaps are you a sci-fi buff and a science nerd? We all have reasons to look up and be fascinated by outer space, its beauty and mysteries…  Continue Reading > 



Biomechanical Full Sleeve TattooBiomechanical Sleeve Tattoos

Biomechanical sleeve tattoos are some of the most creative and intricate tattoo designs in tattoo art. These tattoo designs do not have a basic format, but can be molded in many ways depending upon the creativity and imagination of the tattoo artist. While the key elements of biomechanical tattoos are the machinery parts used to depict diverse bodily functions, certain other elements which have been incorporated with such tattoos are skulls, demons and vampires…   Continue Reading >