20 Hydrangea Tattoos

Hydrangea Flower Tattoo

Hydrangea is a term that refers to some flowering plants which are visually attractive and enriched with symbolism, both of these reasons have made this a wonderful choice for the tattoo. Continue reading


30 White Tattoos

01 Anchor White Tattoo - 30 White Tattoos

When white ink tattoos are done correctly, they look amazing. These tattoos are incredibly subtle, especially on lighter skin, and can take on many forms. Small outlines of white ink can accent the tattoo more than black ink would, and it’s a good way to tattoo something that you imagine to be glowing. Continue reading

25 Swan Tattoos

02 Black Swan Lake Tattoo - 25 Swan Tattoos

The swan is one of the most beloved birds in history. The swan is considered to be the perfect balance, both masculine and feminine. Swan tattoos can represent many different things. This variety of styles, designs, and meanings is one of the main reasons that the swan tattoo is popular. Continue reading