03_Crocodile_TattooCrocodile tattoos

All of the Alligator and Crocodile tattoos often have different meanings for those people who often put them in their body. The tattoos often represent status, creation, balance or personal danger, fearless and even strength…  Continue Reading>  


06-frog-and-dragonfly-tattoo40 Frog tattoos

When you hear the word frog, the first thing that may come to mind is the color green. Many frogs are green and most are small in size. Studies show there are at least 4800 species of frogs worldwide. The characteristics of a frog include a stout body with protruding eyes… Continue Reading> 




03_jellyfish_sleeve_tattooJellyfish tattoos

It would be tough to find a more graceful creature in this planet’s vast oceans than the harmonious jellyfish. Jellyfish always seem to be in anything but a hurry, their lackadaisical lifestyle almost looks as if they’re in a perpetual state of slow motion… Continue Reading> 





03_Blue_Koi_Fish_Tattoo30 Koi Fish tattoos

Koi fish tattoos have become very popular these days. There are a lot of positive things about this Koi fish tattoos. Hence it gives a great moral boost to people wearing it… Continue Reading> 



01_Blue_Ring_Octopus_Tattoo30 Octopus tattoos

Sea animals are generally unique and special. As such, they can be great options to apply as a tattoo. The octopus tattoo, also known as the squid tattoo is one of the best tattoo ideas… Continue Reading>