50+ Dog Tattoo Ideas

02 Black Dog Tattoo

Animal tattoos are very popular, dog tattoos are no exception ! A lot of people like to get tattoos of their dogs or pets. You have to decide the dimensions of your dog tattoo that you would like. Some people like a very dramatic tattoo that tends to be quite large. While other people like something not so extreme or «in your face.» People that like larger dog tattoos tend to prefer getting them placed on their arm or leg, in general. If you are looking at smaller dog tattoos, people like to get them on the back of their shoulder, ankle, or on the stomach right above the pant line. There is no right or wrong place to get a tattoo placed. Where ever you want it, get it.

01 Abstract Dog Tattoo

Abstract Dog Tattoo

03 Boxer Dog Tattoo

Boxer Tattoo Dog

04 Boxer Tattoo Dog

Boxer Tattoo Dog

05 Bull Dog Tattoo

Bull Dog Tattoo

06 Cartoon Dog Tattoo

Cartoon Dog Tattoo

07 Cat and Dog Tattoo

Cat and Dog Tattoo

08 Cat Dog Tattoo

Cat Dog Tattoo

09 Celtic Dog Tattoo

Celtic Dog Tattoo

10 Devil Dog Tattoo

Devil Dog Tattoo

11 Dog and Cat Tattoo

Dog and Cat Tattoo

12 Dog Cat Tattoo

Dog Cat Tattoo

13 Dog Face Tattoo

Dog Face Tattoo

14 Dog Face Tattoo Designs

Dog Face Tattoo Designs

15 Dog Finger Tattoo

Dog Finger Tattoo

16 Dog Foot Tattoo

Dog Foot Tattoo

17 Dog Footprint Tattoo

Dog Footprint Tattoo

18 Dog Head Tattoo

Dog Head Tattoo

19 Dog Lover Tattoo

Dog Lover Tattoo

20 Dog Memorial Tattoo Designs

Dog Memorial Tattoo Designs

21 Dog Memorial Tattoo Ideas

Dog Memorial Tattoo Ideas

22 Dog Name Tattoo

Dog Name Tattoo

23 Dog Paw Print Tattoo

Dog Paw Print Tattoo

24 Dog Paw Print Tattoo Designs

Dog Paw Print Tattoo Designs

25 Dog Paw Print Tattoo Ideas

Dog Paw Print Tattoo Ideas

26 Dog Paw Tattoo

Dog Paw Tattoo

27 Dog Paw Tattoo Designs

Dog Paw Tattoo Designs

28 Dog Paw Tattoo Ideas

Dog Paw Tattoo Ideas

29 Dog Portrait Tattoo

Dog Portrait Tattoo

30 Dog Prints Tattoo

Dog Prints Tattoo

31 Dog Remembrance Tattoo

Dog Remembrance Tattoo

32 Dog Sleeve Tattoo

Dog Sleeve Tattoo

33 Dog Tattoo Designs

Dog Tattoo Designs

34 Dog Tattoo Ideas

Dog Tattoo Ideas

35 Dog Tattoo Meaning

Dog Tattoo Meaning

36 Foo Dog Tattoo

Foo Dog Tattoo

37 Fu Dog Tattoo

Fu Dog Tattoo

38 Ghost Dog Tattoo

Ghost Dog Tattoo

39 Japanese Dog Tattoo

Japanese Dog Tattoo

40 Lion Dog Tattoo

Lion Dog Tattoo

41 Love Dog Tattoo

Love Dog Tattoo

42 Lucky Dog Tattoo

Lucky Dog Tattoo

43 Maltese Dog Tattoo

Maltese Dog Tattoo

44 Old School Dog Tattoo

Old School Dog Tattoo

45 Red Dog Tattoo

Red Dog Tattoo

46 Sausage Dog Tattoo

Sausage Dog Tattoo

47 Scottie Dog Tattoo Designs

Scottie Dog Tattoo Designs

48 Simple Dog Tattoo Designs

Simple Dog Tattoo Designs

49 Tattoo Dog

Tattoo Dog

50 Tattoo Dog Paw

Tattoo Dog Paw

51 Tattoo of a Dog

Tattoo of a Dog

52 Top Dog Tattoo

Top Dog Tattoo

53 Tribal Dog Tattoo

Tribal Dog Tattoo

54 White Dog Tattoo

White Dog Tattoo


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