Buddhist Tattoos

01 Buddhist Flower Tattoo

Buddhist tattoos are more than fanciful designs, even though the artwork can be breathtaking. Each tattoo is symbolic of one or more of the teachings of the great Buddha himself, a man who believed everyone could triumph over life’s suffering and achieve «Nirvana,» a state beyond all suffering. Buddhist tattoos, like many other religious tattoos, are often believed to carry a physical/spiritual power to protect the person who wears them.

02 Buddhist Hand Tattoo

Buddhist Hand Tattoo

03 Buddhist Lotus Flower Tattoo

Buddhist Lotus Flower Tattoo

04 Buddhist Lotus Tattoo

Buddhist Lotus Tattoo

05 Buddhist Mandala Tattoo

Buddhist Mandala Tattoo

06 Buddhist Monk Tattoo

Buddhist Monk Tattoo

07 Buddhist Symbols Tattoo

Buddhist Symbols Tattoo

08 Buddhist Tattoo

Buddhist Tattoo

09 Buddhist Tattoo Ideas

Buddhist Tattoo Ideas

10 Buddhist Tattoo Meanings

Buddhist Tattoo Meanings

11 Buddhist Tattoo Symbols

Buddhist Tattoo Symbols

12 Buddhist Tattoos

Buddhist Tattoos

14 Thai Buddhist Tattoo

Thai Buddhist Tattoo

13 Tattoo Buddhist

Tattoo Buddhist


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