20 Biomechanical Tattoos

Realistic Tattoo - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

Bio mechanical tattoos are realistic, three-dimensional impressions of a robotic bio-realm beneath the skin. It’s a ‘tromp O’Neil’, or ‘trick of the eye’, since the skin often appears to be peeled back to reveal what you’re truly made of — an improbable (but somehow sublime) combination of mechanics and flesh. Where there should be a mess of blood and bone, tendons and sinew, we might see mechanical components — gears, tubes, and levers. Some say these titanium parts represent our hidden potential.

Biomechanical 3d Tattoo Designs - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

In popular culture, the biomechanical phenomenon is best represented by the Star Trek cyborgs, a cloned race known as Borgs. Where hoses, pipes and wires co-mingle with corporeal limbs and orifices, here we have biomechanics. Skilled tattoo artists can cleverly replicate this fiction (or science fiction) in two dimensions.

Biomechanical Eye Tattoo - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

More popular with guys than gals, these biomechanical designs are usually inked over the body’s most powerful musculature — the upper arms, calves, thighs, back, and sometimes the wrist. Traditionally, they’re done in black and grey, which lends itself to the accepted notion of metal and robotics. But full color better serves an ‘interior life’ composed of fanciful objects found therein, like butterflies, and ‘the light’ of our true nature.

Tattoo Knee - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

Tattoo Knee

Biomechanical Piston Tattoo - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

Biomechanical Piston Tattoo

Celtic Pattern on Shoulder - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

Celtic Pattern on Shoulder

Bio Mechanical Tattoo Design - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

Bio Mechanical Tattoo Design

Biomechanics Sketches - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

Biomechanics Sketches
Ripped Skin Tattoo Arm - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

Ripped Skin Tattoo Arm

 London Tattoo Sleeve - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

London Tattoo Sleeve

Tattoo Mechanism - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

Tattoo Mechanism

Biomechanical Half Sleeve Tattoo - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

Biomechanical Half Sleeve Tattoo

 Biomechanical Tattoo - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

Biomechanical Tattoo

 Mechanical Rib Tattoo - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

Mechanical Rib Tattoo

 Ripped Skin Robot Tattoo - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

Ripped Skin Robot Tattoo

 Half Sleeve Car Tattoo - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

Half Sleeve Car Tattoo

Cyberpunk Tattoo - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

Cyberpunk Tattoo

Tattoo Biomechanic - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

Tattoo Biomechanic

Leg Tattoo for Men - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

Leg Tattoo for Men

Mechanical Tattoo Designs - 20 Biomechanical Tattoos <3 <3

Mechanical Tattoo Designs


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